Formic Custom

Robotic solutions to tackle your factory's most challenging and demanding needs.

  • Inspection

    Produce consistent and high quality parts for your customers with proven sensor-based systems.

  • Surface Removal

    Automate your grinding, sanding, deburring, and surface removal in your production process.

  • Bin Picking

    Detect and pick from unstructured bins for machine tending or logistics fulfillment with the best sensor-based systems.

  • Material Handling

    Automate pallet transportation within your factory or warehouse with automated mobile robots and forklifts.

Success Through Service

Formic Custom includes the expert service and support required to unlock the value of robotic automation for your factory.

01 Efficient

Success Team

We provide your own dedicated automation experts so that you don’t have to.

02 Flexible

OpEx Contracts

As your needs change, easily adapt your automation with Formic Flex and 1-to-multi-year contracts.

03 Reliable

24/7 Monitoring

With historically 99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, our mission is to maximize your uptime and profit.

Get consistent output from robots that are ready to work

Robot adoption has never been higher or easier. Based on 300+ years of our team’s combined experience in automation, we know what works and what fails. Let us work with you to deploy your own solution and you only contractually pay when it produces.

Explore Formic Custom Solutions


Collaborative robotic systems for smaller footprint, smaller parts, and greater flexibility.


Industrial robot solutions for larger payloads, speeds, and reach.


Gantry solutions to conform to your unique and challenging production layouts.


Autonomous mobile robots for moving cases and pallets.

Automated Forklifts

Automated forklifts for moving pallets.

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