Formic Tend

Robotic machine operators that produce more parts at lower unit costs.

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  • CNC Lathe

    The lathe machine tending solutions are designed for most machine brands, high-mix production, and customizable part handling.

  • CNC Mills

    Compact and simple to configure robot automation cells for loading and unloading CNC mills. Systems can handle a variety of part shapes. Systems can be optimized for multi-operation processes, and allow for quick changeover for new parts.

  • Injection Molding

    Space saving systems for unloading injection molding machines. Simple setup, durable and robust system for continuous usage over a long service life.

  • Press Brakes

    Robotic systems for assisting in the bending process of sheet metal. Eliminates the potential injury of a manual operator while increasing overall throughput and production reliability.

Success Through Service

Formic Tend includes the expert service and support required to unlock the value of robotic automation for your factory.

01 Efficient

Success Team

We provide your own dedicated automation experts so that you don’t have to.

02 Flexible

OpEx Contracts

As your needs change, easily adapt your automation with Formic Flex and 1-to-multi-year contracts.

03 Reliable

24/7 Monitoring

With historically 99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, our mission is to maximize your uptime and profit.

Drive revenue with consistent machine operation

Even when set to work at the same pace as a human operator, robots produce more, at a lower unit cost, and with reduced injury risk, thanks to their consistent operation.

Explore Formic Tend Solutions


Collaborative robotic systems for smaller footprint, smaller parts, and greater flexibility.


Industrial robot solutions for larger payloads, speeds, and reach.


Gantry solutions to conform to your unique and challenging production layouts.

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