About Us

Continuing the Legacy of American Innovation

We didn’t invent automated systems, but we democratized them. Because technology doesn’t change the world until you make it accessible to those who need it most. Automation is a necessity, not a luxury. And our mission is to continue the American legacy of innovation by making it your reality. Our team has deployed over 500 systems, and our 100+ System Integrator partners have more than 5,000 deployments under their belts, making us the ideal partner for any automation job

Our Story

Why Formic Exists

This nation was founded on the defiant idea that there’s nothing we can’t do. When we don’t see a solution, we roll up our sleeves and make one. A legacy we are proud to live up to

Every day, business is built by hand; reliable hands that don’t know the meaning of the word stop. Hands that do what they’ve always done, build solutions

We are that set of hands

Putting robotics in place within your operation. Solving your problems without creating any. We didn’t invent automation. We invented efficient, on-demand access to automation. All science. No friction

Automation is a necessity, not a luxury. Formic continues the American legacy of innovation by making it your reality

Saman Farid and Misa Ilkhechi, The Co-Founders

Your Success is our Success

300+ years of combined experience in automation and manufacturing. We’re eager to put it to work for you and a reinvigorated “Made in America”.

01 5k

Hours of Production

5000+ hours of cumulative production on our existing robot fleet.

02 3k

Robots Deployed

3000+ robots deployed by team members over their careers

03 $10b


Backed by $10 billion under management

Our Background

The Formic Team has built and deployed hundreds of robots across a range of industries

Our Suppliers

We have experience working with all of the leading providers of robotics equipment across a broad range of tasks: