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The Time to Automate is Now

Automation is more versatile and effective than ever. However, many facilities have not yet taken the step to automate due to concerns over cost, complexity, or return on investment. The time to automate is now, and we can help you take the first step. Our model makes deploying automation simpler and more cost effective than ever before, saving you money from day one.

How is Your Facility Responding to Shrinking Margins and Labor Shortages?

  • Global competition is at an all-time high even amongst the most niche categories
  • Labor costs are increasing, and labor shortages plague the manufacturing industry
  • Margins continue to get squeezed by high costs and low prices
  • Meanwhile, automation technology is more affordable, resilient, and flexible than ever
  • If you’ve never considered automation before, now is the time!

Let Your Team Work on Higher Order Tasks. Let Robots Do the Rest

  • Automate repetitive processes and free up your operators to do more value add tasks
  • Automation reliably works 3 shifts a day without stopping - increasing your overall capacity
  • We can automate repetitive tasks in palletizing and case packing

You Don't Have to be an Expert to Get Started

  • With Formic, anyone can start using automation, no in-house engineering expertise or high upfront investment of time or capital is required
  • You can easily get started with a single task in your process - no need to boil the ocean

Start Saving Money From Day 1

  • We quote low, all-in hourly rates for systems
  • We give discounts for extra usage, so the system becomes cheaper the more you use it
  • We guarantee the performance, meaning that if the system is not performing, we fix it, and credit you for any downtime (read more here)
  • No need to wait for lengthy budget cycles for capital expenditures

Steps to Work with Formic


  1. Identify a task to automate
  2. Select a system integrator - the integrator will be responsible for identifying and scoping the correct robot, custom tooling, and engineering requirements for the task
  3. Secure financing from a lending partner
  4. Allocate CapEx budget for a high upfront investment
  5. System installation and training costs
  6. Ongoing preventative maintenance costs
  7. Reactive maintenance costs for any unforeseen downtime
  8. System repurposing and upgrade costs

With Formic

  1. Work with Formic to identify a task to automate
  2. Formic scopes the application and provide engineering resources
  3. Agree on a low hourly rate for the system with performance guaranteed
  4. Formic handles all installation, maintenance, repurposing, and upgrades
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