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Formic Software Makes Everyone A Robotic Automation Expert

No special training or experience required.

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Formic Core OS: Robotic Automation Software For Everyone

The Formic Core operating system allows robotic automation systems to be deployed, operated, and maintained easier than ever before. This revolutionary step forward in human-machine-interface software provides businesses with:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality enabling system deployments in less than one day
  • Multilanguage touchscreen programming UI as simple and easy to use your smartphone, Apple CarPlay, or Netflix - no teach pendant or previous experience required
  • One system to use across robotic automation systems - no need to learn multiple OEM software tools
  • Groundbreaking AI powered motion planning capabilities that allow the existing workforce to make process updates or changes without advanced training or proficiency
  • Increased data collection, system monitoring, and connectivity to power a performance dashboard for operations teams while allowing for enhanced remote support and maintenance from Formic technicians

Transform your production process and workforce output with Formic Core OS robotic automation systems to drive the scale and growth of your business. Learn more about Formic Pack and Formic Stack systems using Formic Core OS.

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Formic Colony 2.0 Scales Robotic Automation Fleet Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance

The latest release of the Formic Colony command center monitoring software provides an expanded range of sensor data collection possibilities across all robotic system deployments and fleet wide remote maintenance capabilities to deliver best-in-class system performance. The system leverages AI to analyze production rates, vibrations, temperature changes, cycle times, and more to provide predictive analysis of anomalies and system wear, while identifying preventative measures to minimize operational downtime. This system automatically drives continuous process improvement throughout the Formic Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) universe improving safety, quality, and throughput for every connected cell.

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Accelerate Robotic Automation System Specification with FormicĀ FAST

The Formic FAST (Formic Automation Specification Tools) software expedites the process of identifying the proper robotic system to fit the production requirements for your business. By analyzing variables such as size, shape, speed, strength, and other environmental concerns the system quickly identifies the robotic automation systems that are capable of delivering operational results, future flexibility, and overall ROI. It can even provide an augmented reality (AR) view of the system in your facility to visualize how the equipment will integrate with your existing systems. The FAST software eliminates long quoting discussions and shortens the timeline for system deployment from months to weeks. Work with the Formic Solutions Team to spec out your automation system today!

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