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What Is Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

Robots-as-a-Service is the fastest, easiest, and most successful way to bring automation into your production facility, no experience required. Formic evaluates your process, and for one all inclusive low hourly rate, specifies, programs, deploys, and provides ongoing 24/7 monitoring and 100% maintenance coverage so you achieve the performance you need to succeed.

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Robots-as-a-Service Makes Automating Your Process Easy

Every US manufacturing facility continues to face labor challenges, increased costs, and growing demands on productivity. Yet, just 10% of these businesses currently leverage automation to overcome these issues and scale for the future. The large capital investment required and lack of internal automation expertise make automation too risky. These insurmountable blockers force the business to continue to try to “do it the way they’ve always done it”, leading to a never ending cycle of facing the same problems over and over again.

Here at Formic, our mission is to change that. Robots-as-a-Service eliminates the financial and operational barriers found in traditional automation projects, while driving improvements in productivity, quality, and safety on day one.

Robots-as-a-Service Requires No Capital Investment

Formic’s Robots-as-a-Service removes the need for a large capital investment to automate your production processes. Keep your capital free for other high impact projects or business initiatives, and pay for the automation of your facility in the same way you’d pay for any other business service - a simple monthly invoice for the hours worked. Formic is enabling every business to experience the impact of automation on their production process. Automation is no longer reserved for large companies with teams of robotic automation engineers - it’s available to everyone for $0 in upfront investment, with no added headache.

Also, because you have no capital at-risk, your downside of doing this is protected at all times.

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Robots-as-a-Service is Fully Supported Automation

Your engineering and maintenance teams are filled with extremely talented individuals that are stretched to capacity on a daily basis. Adding responsibility for automation equipment that the team isn’t familiar with on top of the current workload is simply not feasible. Robots-as-a-Service provides complete end-to-end support for the automation equipment installed in your production process. The Formic team of solutions engineers, deployment engineers, and field service engineers are your support system to ensure not only a successful roll out, but ongoing operational performance from your automation systems. We monitor your equipment 24/7, provide remote service through our robotic automation software, and provide onsite maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.

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Robots-as-a-Service Delivers On Performance Commitments

Successful automation systems require consistent and repeatable equipment performance. Every Robots-as-a-Service agreement contains Service Commitments related to system uptime and performance. We are contractually tied to your success using our automation equipment. If we do not meet our performance metrics for you, any impacted time is credit to your account. At Formic, we are myopically focused on delivering successful outcomes for your business. Your success is our success.

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Robots-as-a-Service Provides Production Flexibility

Your production needs can change quickly as you grow your customers and land big orders. We understand the importance of staying flexible and agile when it comes to your production process. With “Formic Flex” we enable you to have access to the equipment you need without incurring unnecessary costs. Our deep relationships across the automation world coupled with our business model, allow us to not only get the equipment that you need quickly, but also swap it out for the equipment in your facility that you have outgrown. We simply update our existing agreement to remove the original piece of equipment and replace it with SLAs for the new equipment you need to succeed. Formic is here to support the success of your production automation and business growth.

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Robots-as-a-Service enables your business to automate the easy way, with no experience or capital investment necessary. We’ve helped automate end-of-line production processes for businesses across the US, and we can help you too. Overcome your labor and throughput challenges, start your automation journey with Formic today!

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