Unlock Your Factory's Potential

Evolve your factory today with pay-for-productivity robots that are guaranteed to work.

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  • Formic Featured in the Andreessen Horowitz “American Dynamism 50”

  • Free whitepaper - "How Copackers are Revolutionizing Their Operation with Robotics-as-a-Service"

  • Co-Packer Compact Industries Overcomes Labor Challenges with New Robot Workers

Finally, Automation Without the Overhead

Most automation requires capital, maintenance overhead, and long-term commitments. Our approach removes all those barriers.

With Formic, you can advance your operation, get the results you expect, and only pay when the system is working for you.

How it Works
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42% average OpEx savings
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50% faster deployment
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$25K annual savings per system

We Only Win When You Win

Making automation productive for business requires a lot – Expertise, the right technology, uptime tools, teams of people, capital, and more.

Let us help and supercharge your production. We provide everything that manufacturers need to go from 0 to 1, or 0 to 100. You decide.

The "Powered by Formic" Benefits

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Low and predictable OpEx
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Easy to start, easy to scale
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Remove Risk: Pay for performance

Free Consultation

Schedule Your Automation Consultation

Formic matches the right customized robotic solution for your use case. Let us find the solutions for you.

Types of Tasks We Can Automate

Industries That We Work in

Metal Forming, Fabrication & Machining
Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Food and Beverage

How it Works

We maximize all the aspects of successful automation. You only pay 1 hourly rate for your working system, production optimization tools, guaranteed performance, and unlimited maintenance.

With Formic Without Formic
Application Scoping Nothing Review Fees
Engineering Design Design Fees
Implementation Fees
System Upgrades Upgrade Fees
Emergency Maintenance Fees
Unforeseen Expenses
Maintenance Fees
Recurring Payments
Hourly Rate, Pay For Performance
Lenders, Maintenance, and Insurance