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The lowest risk way to automate. Unlimited service and contractual performance guarantee for as low as $8/hour. Zero upfront investment.

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  • Bloomberg: Alongside companies like Thomson Plastics, Formic is providing major boost to U.S. manufacturing

  • Formic featured in Wired for revolutionary new way of hiring robot workers

We Manage Automation, You Manage Your Business

As technology changes, one basic premise always stays the same; to get the job done, you need a reliable set of hands. Well, we are that set of hands; putting robotics to work seamlessly in your operation. We solve your problems without creating any. Raising your output without raising your overhead.

Start using robots now for as little as $8/hr. No CapEx necessary. We’ll do all the legwork to get things running.

Our Services
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42% average OpEx savings
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50% faster deployment
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$25K annual savings per system

Continuing the Legacy of American Innovation

We didn’t invent automation, but we’re democratizing it. Because technology doesn’t change the world until you make it accessible to those who need it most. Automation is a necessity, not a luxury. And our mission is to continue the American legacy of innovation by making it your reality

The Benefits of Full-Service Automation

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Low and predictable OpEx
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Easy to start, easy to scale
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Remove Risk: Pay for performance

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Formic matches the right customized robotic solution for your use case. Let us find the solutions for you.

Types of Tasks We Can Automate

Industries That We Work in

Metal Forming, Fabrication & Machining
Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Food and Beverage

The Difference is Clear

Formic helps you avoid all of the hidden cost of setting up and maintaining a traditional automation system

With Formic Without Formic
Application Scoping Nothing Review Fees
Engineering Design Design Fees
Implementation Fees
System Upgrades Upgrade Fees
Emergency Maintenance Fees
Unforeseen Expenses
Maintenance Fees
Recurring Payments
Hourly Rate, Pay For Performance
Lenders, Maintenance, and Insurance