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Add Automation Without the Headache

  • Don’t wait for budgeting cycles to add more automation. Get started with new systems in as little as 3-4 weeks. Formic covers the upfront costs.
  • With Formic, we provide a full-service solution. Don’t worry about picking vendors, haggling with integrators, or constant servicing. We handle all the complexity of getting systems running. You pay a low, hourly rate, only for the hours you use, and only for the hours which the system performs as promised.
  • Automation can do more than ever, its more intelligent and flexible, and Formic can help find the best technology for your use case.
  • No need to increase the size of your engineering team or add to their workload. We handle all the complexity with our global team of engineers. You just point, and we automate.

Maximize Utilization of Your Existing Assets:

  • Don’t let your manufacturing line sit idle. Formic can automate the workcells in your facility and help you increase throughput.
  • Remove uncertainty: with Formic’s pay-by-the-hour solution, you know your costs will be linked to usage, making your budgetary planning predictable.
  • We have deep experience across a broad range of robotics categories, and can easily scope applications that can supplement with your existing automation stack, maximizing your return on investment.

Our Suppliers

We have experience working with all of the leading providers of robotics equipment across a broad range of tasks. We work with you to find the best system for any job.

New Places to Use Robotics:

  • With the labor shortage, more tasks in your facility can take advantage of automation
  • Technology is evolving quickly, and robots can do more tasks than ever before
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Steps to Work with Formic


  • Identify a task to automate
  • Select a system integrator - the integrator will be responsible for identifying and scoping the correct robot, custom tooling, and engineering requirements for the task
  • Secure financing from a lending partner
  • Allocate CapEx budget for a high upfront investment
  • System installation and training costs
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance costs
  • Reactive maintenance costs for any unforeseen downtime
  • System repurposing and upgrade costs

With Formic

  • Work with Formic to identify a task to automate
  • Formic scopes the application and provide engineering resources
  • Agree on a low hourly rate for the system with performance guaranteed
  • Formic handles all installation, maintenance, repurposing, and upgrades
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