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Formic Guarantee

The Formic Guarantee

At Formic, the success of our customers is our passion. Our business model is built off of a simple premise: we are not successful unless you are. Our interests, and the interests of our customers, are aligned — which is why we built the Formic Guarantee.

 To maintain Formic’s uptime and service quality, we focus on five lines of defense:

1st:  Remote Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance - Formic’s analytics engine monitors performance and flags issues proactively

2nd: Support Line - Formic’s support staff can remotely log in and resolve basic issues 

3rd: Basic Remote Debugging - Formic provides training for your operators to do basic debugging with guidance from our engineering team

4th: Onsite Visit - Formic’s engineers, or our service partners, come on-site to address an issue

5th: Swap Out Equipment as Needed - Formic has replacement parts and can swap out equipment as needed so you don’t stop running

In spite of our continuous monitoring and preventative maintenance there may be times when one of our robotic/automation systems (“System”) does not achieve Formic’s high standards of performance.

At the time of the installation of one of our Systems, Formic will provide each customer with written System performance metrics (the “Service Level Agreement” or “SLA”).  If a Formic System does not perform to the SLA metrics (and such performance degradation was not caused by the customer), Formic will provide the customer with rollover hours.  Rollover hours are not refunds, but they will allow a customer to use the System for free for future hours equal to those rollover hours.  Each System is specifically designed to the exact needs of a customer, so the SLA metrics and the procedure for using any rollover hours that may be earned will be specific to each System and will be fully spelled out in the written material provided to each customer for each System when the System is installed.

Formic always enjoys talking with our customers (or potential customers), so if you have any questions on the Formic Guarantee, or how it works, please reach out to us so we can answer those questions.