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Formic Pack

Reliable automated packaging of prepackaged goods into containers.

  • Food

    Bakery, protein, dry food, and snacks are all perfect applications for automated case packers. Sealed snacks, canned goods, meals, and desserts are just a few of the items handled by our pre-vetted systems. Wipe & wash down construction is available.

  • Beverages

    Jugs, cans, and bottles are all common beverage products for Formic systems. No matter what they look like or what they hold, Formic systems will carefully help you pack it. Wipe & Wash down construction is available.

  • Consumer Goods

    Formic systems pack goods of all different sizes and shapes across the consumer spectrum. A variety of grippers and infeed options all ensure that your product is packed properly for shipment.

  • Pharma

    Pharmaceutical applications require a special touch. Formic partners with leading suppliers of pharma equipment to offer coding and labeling capabilities as well as stainless steel construction options.

Success Through Service

Formic Pack includes the expert service and support required to unlock the value of robotic automation for your factory.

01 Efficient

Success Team

We provide your own dedicated automation experts so that you don’t have to.

02 Flexible

OpEx Contracts

As your needs change, easily adapt your automation with Formic Flex and 1-to-multi-year contracts.

03 Reliable

24/7 Monitoring

With historically 99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, our mission is to maximize your uptime and profit.

How it works

How Formic's Pay-for-Productivity Robotics Works

Get consistent output while helping your team

Deploy robots to handle highly repetitive task over long shifts, safeguarding your operators from injury and reducing your turnover costs.

Explore Formic Pack Solutions

Robotic Packer

Delta, SCARA, and Articulated robot arms are all part of the Formic family and can be deployed to quickly and carefully place your product in secondary containers. Custom infeed capabilities allow these systems to top-load a variety of product in a variety of pack patterns.

Pick & Pack

2-axis case packers arrange product into necessary patterns and vertically pack containers at speed. Custom infeed add-ons like laners and collaters help accommodate a variety of products and packing needs.

Conventional Packer

Bottom load, side load, and top load are no problem for conventional case packers that use a variety of collation and grouping methods to pack product.

Drop Packer

Often deployed in beverage or frozen food applications, drop packers are the workhorses of the packing world and can pack items of any shape or size into the container of your choosing.

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