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Produce More, Spend Less

With zero capex, you pay nothing until the system is installed and working. Lifetime service and maintenance are included so there are no surprises.

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Automated end-of-line palletizing for safer, better stacking

Up to 25% OpEx savings
Up to 20% production increase

Cost per hour

$10 - $25 / hr

Manual equivalent

1 person

Average OpEx savings


Estimated 5-year savings

1 shift: $58k
2 shifts: $116k
3 shifts: $175k

Other benefits

Reliable stacking,
Reduced injuries,
Reduced turnover

Which Palletizer is Right For You?

Find your budgetary pricing based on your item sizes and weights, throughput, and pallet height.

Our team is standing by to help scope your system andfind the right solution at the lowest price.

Lighter Loads, Shorter Stacks

  • Up to 40 lbs
  • Up to 60” pallet height
  • Up to 6 cases per minutes
$10.00 - $18.75
per hour of usage
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Heavier Loads, Taller Stacks

  • Up to 150 lbs
  • Up to 100” pallet height
  • Up to 12 cases per minutes
$13.75 - $25.00
per hour of usage
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Extra Customization

  • Bag handling
  • Pallet wrapping
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Extended Outfeed
  • And more!
$16.25 - $36.00
per hour of usage
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