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Formic Stack

Avoid labor shortages and injuries with automated palletizers that just work.

  • Cases

    Stack open and closed containers of any kind with our wide range of grippers that properly support each box or case type.

  • Bags

    Free your staff from the dangerous task of stacking bags with our palletizers that handle heavy and bulky bags.

  • Bottles & Cans

    Our robotic palletizers can reliably stack tall, unsteady containers of bottles and cans.

Success Through Service

Formic Stack includes the expert service and support required to unlock the value of robotic automation for your factory.

01 Efficient

Success Team

We provide your own dedicated automation experts so that you don’t have to.

02 Flexible

OpEx Contracts

As your needs change, easily adapt your automation with Formic Flex and 1-to-multi-year contracts.

03 Reliable

24/7 Monitoring

With historically 99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, our mission is to maximize your uptime and profit.

How it works

How Formic's Pay-for-Productivity Robotics Works


Get reliable output from robots that don’t quit or get injured

Humans are not meant for stacking heavy boxes all day, but robots are. Reduce your team’s injuries and labor costs while reaping the rewards of one of the easiest, most reliable tasks to automate.

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Explore Formic Stack Solutions

Cobot Palletizer

If speed isn’t a requirement and you can afford to have your staff involved in the stacking process, collaborative robots permit ‘human-in-the-loop’ operations allowing staff to place sheets and load pallets.

Industrial Palletizer

Industrial robots allow for compact palletizing operations and require very little maintenance, helping you reliably stack product at high speeds and in tight spaces.

Conventional Palletizer

Mechanical pushers and overhead gantries arrange product in patterns to stack cases or bags.

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