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Alex Koepsel
Head of Product Marketing  
Friday, March 17, 2023

Whitepaper: Where Manufacturers are Using Robots in their Operation

In today’s world, manufacturers still depend heavily on the working hands of people. The skills that are in demand are extremely repetitive and potentially dangerous. With the added effect of current labor struggles, keeping talent in this environment is difficult to maintain. According to The Workforce Institute at UKG, 4 in 5 U.S. manufacturers are having difficulty keeping up with demand due to staff shortages and supply constraints.

With the growing list of challenges, automation is now a key pillar for a manufacturer’s growth and a necessity for seamlessly filling open roles. The organizations that will succeed now and into the future are those that seek to automate the dull, repetitive tasks on their shop floor.

To start, this whitepaper identifies all of the most common programmable tasks and how you can begin mobilizing your automated workforce at the lowest cost and highest productivity.

Download the full whitepaper to see where robots can help!

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